PHYRIS – Phase 3: Care (Profine)

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PHASE 3: CARE – PROFINE (for an evenly fine skin)

The wish for an even, flawless skin is not just a modern concept, but is almost as old as mankind itself.

In addition to anti-aging, refining, anti-pigmentation, brightening and whitening are big issues in professional cosmetics. Thanks to new findings, state-of-the-art techniques and astonishing innovations, it has luckily become possible to much more easily fulfil the desire for a porcelain skin.

The PHYRIS laboratories have succeeded in combining the latest active ingredients with an intelligent effect concept: Active White Complex is the name of the magic formula that is part of the new range PROFINE. Even aging skin is transformed with PROFINE as it becomes more even, finer and regains its radiant glow.

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Phyris Refining AHA DepotRefines the skin by removing hornifications and restoring the skin’s evenness. A gentle exfoliating effect with liposomally encapsulated AHAs (fruit acids) gives the skin a fresh, healthy radiance and also stimulates the formation of new cells.The active ingredient duo of Vitamin C and white water lily protects the skin from free radicals, calms the skin and balances out slight irregularities in the complexion by a gentle lightening process. (50ml)


Phyris Anti Pigment Total ControlHelps to combat pigment and age spots. An intelligent effect concept of plant and maritime active ingredients positively influences the reduction and formation of “dark spots”.Dark melanin deposits can be detected and reduced without lightening the surrounding skin. The result is an even complexion with even pigmentation.


Phyris Pigment Corrector Local Effect ConcentrateThe highly efficient lightening active ingredient concentrate with Active White Complex  already gets to work when melanin is formed and ensures an even distribution in the bottom of skin layers. In addition, it inhibits the absorption and deposition of melanin.PIGMENT CORRECTOR can significantly improve the appearance of pigment and age spots within just a few weeks. Used regularly, Vitamin C and white water lily extract support the lightening process and protect against free radicals. Product can be applied locally and to the entire area and is designed use as either a treatment or a long-term application.


Phyris Whitening Triple EffectThis lightening, light and oil-free formulation helps you to get closer to the beauty ideal of a porcelain complexion. The Active White Complex prevent melanin from getting transported further into the skin and inhibi the concentrated absorption and deposition of melanin.This triple function supports a lighter complexion with fine porcelain radiance. Used regularly, WHITENING lightens and supports the removal of pigment disorders and irregularities of the skin. Vitamin C and white water lily extract protect against free radicals and delay the resulting skin aging. The result is a silky fine, light and even complexion.