PHYRIS – Phase 3: Care (Derma Control)

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PHASE 3: DERMA CONTROL (Comfort care system for skin problems)

Silver sooths inflammation, moisturises and offers skin protection. Silver’s antibacterial properties, regulating and stabilising effect maintains and even complexion when used regularly. Excellent for dry or oily blemished and acne conditions.

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Phyris Derma Control Sebo Balance Formula 50mlThe light and fresh formulation of this 24-hour care is tailored for the needs of oil skin.Mattifying and sebum-regulating active ingredients reduce the oily film on the skin and refine the skin relief.  Reduces oily shine and refines pore. Antibacterial active ingredients minimize the formation of blemishes.  Light and fresh care for impure and oily skin.

Fights blackheads and pimples with its anti-bacterial action.  The complexion becomes finer and evener.

Suitable for sensitive and oily skin. (5oml)


Phyris Derma Control Skin Normalizing Cream 50mlBalancing 24-hour care for combination skin that suffers from blemishes that are prone to inflammation/acne.Has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial attributes. Refines the skin’s structure and regulates the sebum production.

Suitable for normal, combination skin. (50ml)


Phyris Derma Control Sicca Repair Balm 50mlCalming 24-hour cream for dry, irritated skin with blemishes. Special care for dry skin with tendency to impureness. The very dry and often irritated skin that is prone to inflamed blemishes is instantly calmed and intensively moisturized.Redness and inflammations are soothed to such an extent that both the skin sensation and the complexion are considerably improved.

The formation of new inflammations is also lastingly prevented for a beautiful and clear skin.

Suitable for sensitive, mature and dry skin. (5oml)


Phyris Derma Control SIlver Pure Concentrate 20mlActive ingredient concentrate for blemished problem skin or normal skin. Concentrate against inflammation and redness. Strengthens the skin’s immune system and supports the skin’s barrier function.An easy-to-dose active ingredient concentrate to combat the inflammations of problem skin. The special gel can be used very flexibly – either locally or on the whole face.

Rapidly and lastingly reduces redness and improves the scar degeneration of an even, clear complexion. (20ml)