PHYRIS – Phase 3: Care (Hydro Active)

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PHASE 3: HYDRO ACTIVE (Hydrating Range for all skin types with lack of moisture)

High-quality moisture care for all skin types. Whether as a 24-hr cream, concentrate, capsule or mask, all these products have the same goal – to immediately and lastingly moisturize the skin.

Every skin type and skin condition will find the right moisturizing product and depending on the customers wishes, these products can also be combined with other care ranges… whenever the skin needs a moisture boost.

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Phyris Hydro Active Aqua Sensation Gel 50mlRefreshing, moisturizing gel. Supplies the skin with moisture intensively. Feelings of tightness are reduced. Papers young or oily skin lacking in moisture with the lightness of a gel and the care intensity of a cream.AQUA SENSATION GEL gives skin long-lasting moisture and supports its natural functions. Fine lines caused by dryness disappear and the skin is visibly smoothened.

Suitable for normal, oily and combination skin. (50ml)


Phyris Hyaluron Sensation 2-phaseThe intensive moisture care with natural hyaluronic acid. This 2-phase moisture care instantly gives you a relaxed and fresh complexion. The hyaluronic acid and aloe vera extract in the water phase instantly and noticeably moisturize the skin.The oil component squalane minimizes moisture loss and protects against negative environmental factors. The skin is given an additional freshness bost.

Suitable for normal, mature, oily and combination skin. (50ml)