Premium Whitening Facials

Premium Paris Whitening or Italy Whitening Facials 2017

Price of single session can be converted to 1st trial special price for 2x sessions package or 3x sessions package. This conversion entitlement applies to package taken up within 2 weeks after the single session. Alternatively, clients are also welcomed to take up any package at anytime. 

Single Session Package of
3x Sessions
1st Trial
2 other Machine
Paris Whitening 24K Pure Gold Soft Mask with Vitamin C Facial Please Please enquire
for special
package price
Please enquire
for special
package price
Paris Whitening 24K Pure Gold with Whitening/Radiant Serum Facial Enquire
Paris Whitening 24K Pure Gold with Mid-range Whitening Essence or Ampoules
Italy Whitening Treatment with Oxygen Serum
Italy Lifting Treatment includes:

  • Collagen Lifting Hexapeptide Serum
  • And Premium Collagen Lifting Mask


Collagen Lifting Facial
Gold Collagen Facial
Gold Collagen Lifting Facial with Ultrasonic Machine
Soy Bean Whitening & Oat Lifting Facial
Soy Bean Whitening & Lifting Firming Facial
Popular Scar Treatment available upon request to be added to Facials Treatments and other machine treatments are also available. Will do consultation to help you match your treatment according to your skin needs and budget.