Facial Promo Menu 2018

Treatment price ranges from:

  1. Customized Nano Machine Facial $38, 45mins (worth value $200)
  2. Basic Facials $50, 55mins
  3. France Organic Grade A Facial $68, 75mins
  4. France Organic Grade A Facial together with Nano Machine Treatment $88, 90mins
  5. Mid range Paris Organic Grade A Facial from $88. Customized Combo Treatment with various options are also available.
  6. Premium Brand Facials Histomer from Italy, from $100 onwards, 105 mins
  7. Premium Brand Facials Phyris from Germany, from $100 onwards, 120mins or more

As there are many different treatments, I will do consultation with you to match the most suitable treatment according to your skin needs and budget. Treatment Menu is available for discussion during consultation on your facial appointment day. If you are keen please whatsapp me at 97832115 to make an appointment. No need to transfer booking deposit now, just whatsapp me to book facial slot in advance.